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Dani - Customer Service Agent
14 Mar 2017 - <i>The Pockit Team</i><br/></p>

Welcome to Pockit Personnel, a new series where we’ll be profiling different members of the team working to build the world’s most inclusive bank! Read More

Make it a Pockit Pay Day!
04 Oct 2016 - <i> Sophie Rodrigues

Need a secure account to pay your wages and benefits into? Sick of carrying cash or paying unnecessary charges to convert your cheques? Pockit has the answer! Read More

What does Brexit mean for Pockit?
07 Sep 2016 - Nathaniel Bastin

More than two months on from the referendum in which Britain voted to leave the European Union, the story is one that continues to fill newspaper columns and keep the country ... Read More

Meet the Pockit People
31 May 2016 - Victoria Smith

The Pockit team works with just one thing in mind. Our customers. It is our mission to deliver a product that simplifies their lives and frees them from worry. Read More

Pockit’s Proud FinTech Feat
22 Apr 2016 - Nathaniel Bastin

Pockit are delighted to be named as one of the FinTech50 – an annual list of 50 European FinTech companies transforming financial services. Read More

Credit cards losing credibility?
21 Mar 2016 - Richard Dunnett

Credit cards have been associated with many problems and pitfalls since their creation in the late 1950’s. The market is well-established and hugely important for UK con... Read More

An Award Winning Week for Pockit
10 Feb 2016 - Virraj Jatania

We are working hard to build Pockit and deliver the outstanding service that customers deserve. It’s a mission we have pursued since our founding and what will drive us ... Read More

FAQ’s: PayPoint
29 Dec 2015 - Emily Smith

Are you one of the 28,300 Pockit customers who load their card by PayPoint? We want to provide you with answers to our most frequently asked PayPoint quest... Read More

Pleased with your Pockit card?
15 Dec 2015 - Emily Smith

We hope that you’re enjoying all the benefits of your Pockit account and we’re sure that you have friends and family that would too. So, we’re asking customers to help g... Read More

Seven easy energy saving tips
24 Nov 2015 - Emily Smith

If you feel you are paying too much for your home energy bills take our seven simple steps to reducing your usage; benefit the environment as well as your Pockit account!
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Pockit's Merry money saving tips
18 Nov 2015 - Emily Smith

Everyone loves to go all out at Christmas, but no one wants to wind up overspending and making life difficult for the rest of the year. We’ve put together a few tips you might... Read More

Do I need an additional card?
13 Nov 2015 - Emily Smith

You might have heard that Pockit offers our higher limit card holders additional cards linked to their main account. This is a quick guide for those of you that are unsure abo... Read More

A Pockit Guide to Black Friday
11 Nov 2015 - Emily Smith

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is approaching and we are so excited for the biggest shopping day of the year, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season! Read More

A Halloween to DIY for…
26 Oct 2015 - Emily Smith

Halloween is fast approaching, it’s half term, and the kids are in need of some entertainment…So I’ve come up with a few ways to save you money this year with a budget ... Read More

New kids on the block
09 Oct 2015 - Victoria Smith

Born in ‘The Shire’ (as he likes it to be known), James would describe himself as easy-going, ambitious and humble! Before being welcomed to the Pockit team, James worked as a... Read More

Get amazing experiences for less!
08 Oct 2015 - Emily Smith

Have you ever wanted to bungee jump, drive a Ferrari or fly in a hot air balloon? Or what about being a zookeeper for a day or solving a murder mystery on the Orient Express? ... Read More

It’s our Birthday!
11 Aug 2015 - Victoria Smith

It’s our 1st Birthday and whether you’ve been with us from the start, or have just joined, we wanted to say a massive thank you for being part of Pockit!
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My experience at a foodbank
08 Jul 2015 - Grenville Paull

Back in April I was doing what I normally do and reading that day’s news. I came across an article for a charity that had just published its results for 2014, I was staggered,... Read More

Introducing...JD Sports!
26 Jun 2015 - Victoria Smith

We’re excited to announce that you can now earn 2% Cashback at JD Sports when you spend in-store or online using your Pockit card!  Read More

Keeping yourself safe online
15 Jun 2015 - Joe Collins

Everyday Pockit enables people to shop and spend online, but we understand that spending online can sometimes be scary, so we put together a list of tips that should help you ... Read More

Calm down - let’s chat!
12 Jun 2015 - Sophie Rodrigues

If you hadn’t noticed already, Pockit LiveChat is now up and running across the Pockit website – just look out for the little ‘? Help’ icon on the bottom right of your screen!... Read More

Common FAQs 2
24 Apr 2015 - Victoria Smith

As promised, here is this month’s common FAQs straight out of your support tickets so we are able to see exactly what our customers need help with most. Read on and see if you... Read More

Common FAQs
25 Mar 2015 - Victoria Smith

Our Pockit blog seems like the perfect place to update you with the most recent Pockit FAQ’s. We work closely here with our Customer Services Team to find out what the most po... Read More

The Pockit Culture
16 Mar 2015 - Victoria Smith

Only 5 months ago, the Pockit team set out on a mission to fulfil the needs of UK consumers who are not looked after properly by the high street banks with a prepaid card that... Read More

'Free banking' the beginning of the end?
16 Mar 2015 - Grenville Paull

Only weeks ago the Competition and Markets Authority announced its decision to launch an in-depth market investigation into the difficulties customers face in switching banks,... Read More

The Pockit Story
16 Mar 2015 - Virraj Jatania

You might be asking yourselves where Pockit came from; so our first post on our new blog is a little bit about how and where it all began.  Read More