Back in 2014, Pockit was founded on the premise that smart, secure financial products and services should be accessible to everyone.

In our first month, 133 people signed up.

We knew we were doing something right when that number kept growing and growing - and we’re now delighted to announce that we have 100,000 customers!

Not only that, we’ve also had more than £100,000,000 transacted through our platform!

We’re absolutely thrilled to have achieved these two major milestones! 

And so, to our customers – those who have stood by us through it all – the Pockit team would like to say a massive thank you.

Thank you for trusting us to help you manage your money better. Thank you for the feedback that’s helping us make your experience quicker and easier. And thank you for continuing to spread the word about our useful yellow card, and our easy yellow app!

To you, we promise that we’ll continue to build the best product, and provide the best service, possible.

Our plans are ambitious. Once we’ve given you all account numbers and sort codes, we’ll be launching Direct Debits for easy bill payments, and the ability to send money abroad at good rates. And there’ll be plenty more following that!

We believe everyone deserves access to modern, transparent banking services, no matter who they are. The Pockit team remain committed to building the world’s most inclusive bank!

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Nathaniel Bastin- Marketing Team-