Halloween is fast approaching, it’s half term, and the kids are in need of some entertainment…So I’ve come up with a few ways to save you money this year with a budget DIY Halloween; from baking, to costumes, to decorating your home for less!


Everyone gets bogged down finding endless ways to entertain the kids that’s both cheap and really fun; one great activity is to get them to do some baking with you. Make some cupcakes and decorate with orange, black and white icing to get some spooky themed treats.

Don’t know where to start?

Making Cupcakes couldn’t be simpler and works out at about £2.60 for 20 cupcakes or just £5.26 for the shop altogether, here’s what you need:

- 170g butter/ spread (Room temperature) - 90p for Asda Buttery Spread or 89p for Tesco Sunflower Spread

- 170g Granulated sugar - £1.15 from Asda and Tesco

- 3 eggs - £1.20 from Asda and Tesco

- 170g self-raising flour - 45p from Asda and Tesco

- Icing sugar - 78p from Asda and Tesco

- Black and Orange Food colouring’s - 78p/10g of colouring gel or 89p 23.4p/10ml of colouring

1.       Preheat your oven to 180oC. Line a muffin tin with paper cases.

2.       Cream together butter or spread with sugar till light and fluffy. Add the eggs and mix, then sift in the flour and stir until combined.

3.       Spoon the mixture into the paper cases. Bake for 20 minutes or until the cakes start to go gold on top and a knife comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack.

4.       Once the cakes are cool you can go ahead and decorate them. You can mix icing up just by adding water to icing sugar and some spooky food colourings, although remember not to make this too runny and wait for the cupcake to cool down first.


Everyone knows that kids always want to be something different, if they were a ghost last year they’ll want to be a vampire this year. Instead of forking out for new costumes every year, go through your old clothes or take a trip to your local charity shop and see if you can find something that, with a little upcycling, will make a fabulous costume and will even support a good cause. You’ll need an open and creative mind for this, as you might not find the materials for the exact outfit you originally planned. Whilst this requires a little work, cutting up and sowing outfits is a great way to entertain the kids, teaching them to be creative and showing them how to save on waste.

We’ll start you off with a couple of costume ideas with materials that shouldn’t be too hard to come by:

Black Cat: The most simple of all the Halloween costumes, put on some black trousers or leggings and a black top. Then jazz it up a bit with some face paint, a tail made from a pair of tights stuffed with socks or spare material that you have lying around. You can make ears really easily by cutting out some little triangular ears from card and attaching to some hair clips.

Zombie: Chop up some old clothes or something you’ve found in a charity shop and make it look as ragged as possible! Add some ketchup for that all-important blood stain!

A tattered ghost: Pick out a white dress or sheet and fashion into a tattered ghostly outfit by cutting strips off it. Then with just a little white face paint and maybe some dark smudges around the eyes you’ll be looking like the perfect poltergeist.


No home would be properly equipped without some spooky Halloween decorations! Try using some string and a bit of masking tape to make a spider’s web on the wall, not only will this give your home a bit of frightening flourish but it’s cheap and uncomplicated. Or show off your baking skills with spun sugar webs!

Another simple way of decorating your home is by creating some special Halloween candle holders. If you’ve got Jam Jars lying around this is perfect for you. Decorate the outside of the jars (or get the kids to!) and then place a tea light or a small electric light inside to create an atmospheric lantern. Remember, if you’re using a tea light or candle keep these well away from anything flammable and don’t leave your lanterns on surfaces that could be damaged by heat.

Also, why not make a spooky bat mobile with Halloween origami bats. Tie a knot in the thread (so that the knot holds the bat in place) and using a needle poke a small hole into your origami bat; Do this two or three times. Then get yourself a creepy looking branch and tie the origami bats to this!

Like what you’ve seen? Comment below with some of your own tips and tricks to a fun Halloween that entertains the kids without breaking the bank! We’d love to hear your ideas!

Emily Smith-Marketing Team-