The Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is approaching and we are so excited for the biggest shopping day of the year, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season!

Black Friday is the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, so this year it will fall on the 27th November. 

Some people are already stressing about where to get the best deals on the day, with shops like John Lewis, Apple and Marks and Spencer’s already gearing up and ready to drop a tonne of deals for this Black Friday Weekend. It’s really no wonder that experts are predicting Black Friday 2015 to be Britain’s first ever £1bn online shopping day.

Pockit’s top tips for successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bargain hunting!

1. If you’re doing your Christmas shopping, be flexible. You might not see exactly what you were looking for, but just like booking cheap flights abroad, it’s good to keep an open mind - be ready to adapt your ideas and be flexible if you want to see real savings.

For those real hardcore bargain hunters who camp outside shops in the early hours of the morning…

2. We’ve all had the experience of feeling midday crankiness, only to realise that you haven’t had your regular morning brew. Now imagine squashing together a bunch of un-caffeinated shoppers who have been queuing since 5am to get hold of a real bargain.  Make sure to bring a flask with you, and you’ll never be without the liquid patience you’ll need to see you through the day!

3. A safety helmet is advised at all times to avoid uncaffeinated zombies lashing out at you while you grab something great. The fashion experts at Pockit advise that you go for a bright orange hard hat, or even full body armour; the stylish way to stay safe.

4. So, you’ve queued up since the early hours of the morning. You’ve made it into the shop. Suddenly, disaster strikes. You’ve sprained your ankle. You knew you shouldn’t have worn those six-inch heels. Avoid foot-induced fatigue with comfortable flat shoes!

5. Black Friday is an insanely busy day, with shops deliberately whipping customers up into a frenzy, even the resilient can be left running around like headless chickens. In all this rush it’s easy to accidently drop your cash. No one wants the embarrassment of getting to the tills to realise that your money went missing in a fight with a little old lady for the last Blu-ray player. There are two ways to avoid this; one is to carry everything in a heavily padlocked metal case. The other is to carry a Pockit card around with you instead of a wad of cash weighing down your pockets! 

If you don’t fancy the in-store struggle then stick yourself behind a computer screen to get your bargains!

6. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are far less stressful when done from home. But don’t be fooled, there are hazards to be found everywhere… you don’t want to be a victim of the infamous checkout hand-cramp. We’ve all heard of it, you get to the final stages of putting your details in and then –boom!- your hand ceases up. You watch the page timer run down as you try, desperately, to fill in your details using only your weaker hand, but your typing’s all wrong and soon you’re out of time. Avoid this tragedy entirely with an ergonomic mousepad and wrist supports.

7. Sites like Hot Uk Deals or Money Saving Expert have already begun counting down to Black Friday. And with places like John Lewis, Marks and Spencer’s and Apple all seemingly getting in on the sales who wouldn’t want to be obsessively checking sites all day on the off chance that you might miss something special. We recommend having several computers set up, on different deals sites, to ensure maximum bargain coverage!

8. And finally, ensure that you only use secure checkouts before you buy online. You can tell that a site is secure by looking out for the little padlock in the left top hand corner of the page and by making sure that the page url begins with ‘Https:’.

Emily Smith-Marketing Team-