If you hadn’t noticed already, Pockit LiveChat is now up and running across the Pockit website – just look out for the little ‘? Help’ icon on the bottom right of your screen!

So, what are the benefits of LiveChat and why do we think our customers should use it as their first port of call?

We believe that LiveChat is so great because it gives you an informal and speedy response to any queries or problems you may have from one of our friendly customer service advisors. This informal feel makes it easy to build good relationships with our customers without the ‘canned response’ that you get from an email. And this is what we aim for every single day – helpful information and real friendly customer support!

For any service that we encounter in our lives we all want the same thing from customer services: our problems to be solved quickly, and with as little effort from us as possible! LiveChat is so easy to use and gets you a quick response from knowledgeable, helpful and polite customer service staff – what’s not to like?

A report written by Zendesk shows that use of LiveChat has soared over the past few years and is continuing to climb across all different industries. They found that 79% of customers prefer LiveChat because they can get their questions answered immediately, and 51% said that it allowed them to multi-task. That means you can get answers to your questions whilst eating your dinner, doing the chores, exercising and being on the phone, all at once if you like!

Have you chatted to one of our customer services team yet on LiveChat? What did you think? We would love to hear about it!

Sophie Rodrigues-Customer Service Team-

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Team @ Pockit