The Pockit team are working every day to make your financial life simpler than ever.

And we know that there’s one particular feature our customers have been itching for us to introduce.

So here it is. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Contactless Pockit MasterCards have arrived!

Contactless allows you to make payments of up to £30 without needing to enter your PIN in the reader.

It’s quick, easy and perfect for those who can’t remember their PIN! Contactless payments are available on any card machine displaying the contactless symbol (See image below).


Click here to purchase your Contactless Pockit MasterCard for just 99p.

Simply confirm your address, approve a payment of 99p, and we’ll get your contactless Pockit MasterCard sent out straight away. Please be aware that your PIN number may change when you receive your new Pockit MasterCard.

The Pockit team are really looking forward to launching even more great new features in the next few months.

But, for now… Happy tapping!

Nathaniel Bastin- Marketing Team-

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Team @ Pockit