Welcome to Pockit Personnel, a new series where we’ll be profiling different members of the team working to build the world’s most inclusive bank!

This week, we’re interviewing Dani, one of our 16 superhuman customer service agents serving over 140,000 customers. Here’s what she had to say…

Dani, tell us what the most unconventional thing about you is

I’m certain that I was a unicorn in my past life. If I wasn’t, I’m working hard at becoming one in the next cycle. 

Well, we did ask! Aside from work, tell us something that wouldn’t function without you

My mum and my friends - they’re pretty awesome!

Describe a moment in life when you have broken the rules (without breaking the law)?

I once loitered strategically backstage at Puklepop Festival so I could see the Flaming Lips. I didn’t see them that time, but I met a roadie who was kind enough to give me backstage passes to the Isle of White Festival the next year. It was a risk well worth taking!

It sounds it! What about a time when you rose like a phoenix from the ashes?

I felt a bit despondent after being made redundant from a role that I felt I was making real progress. Then I landed my first role at a start-up [before Pockit] which is where I was able to learn more about the inner workings of start-up customer service. For the first time, I had the responsibility of looking after the customers and clients by myself for the whole of London. 

And it’s that resilience that we really value at Pockit. What’s the best piece of financial advice you would give to others?

You only live once!

Tell us something you believe which the majority of people would disagree with you about

The Green Party is closer to being in power than you think.

Some great answers, Dani – thank you! We’ll make a unicorn of you yet!

The Pockit Team

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