Make your home unique on a budget with Pockit’s top 5 tips for doing up your home; with cashback from your Pockit card you can make even more savings!

1.       Repaint your old furniture! Do you have an old cupboard or dresser that’s seen better days? Give it a new lease of life with a fresh lick of paint in a bright vibrant colour, or get the ‘classic’ look with something more subtle. Remember that you’ll probably need furniture paint. Chalk paint is perfect for creating a classic, vintage look and costs between £5 and £14 from B&Q and you earn 5% cashback with your Pockit card!

2.       One fantastic way to add character to an otherwise plain room is the addition of wall stickers. Costing between £1 and £19 from B&Q, not only are wall stickers minimum hassle but they’re a fantastic way to turn a bare children’s room into an exciting space to kids to harness their creativity. But these don’t have to be bright and bold; lots of these are sophisticated and decorative so there’s no need to worry about the looking garish.

3.       Cushions and Throws are a fantastic way to accessorise otherwise boring chairs and sofas! Small touches like this help create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where you can put your feet up and chill. Throws are also perfect for snuggling up in, and preparing for the upcoming, chilly winter nights. You can get these from M&S here as well as getting a fantastic 6% back when you use your Pockit card.

4.       Upcycle your junk! Be creative! Before throwing something out try and find a new use for it. A slight repurposing can turn an old TV stand into a bookshelf or glass bottles into pretty lights. If you’re feeling really creative, keep an eye out for things other people have thrown out. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

5.       The summer may be well over but the festival spirit need not be. Give your house a permeant summery feel by hanging up some Fairy Lights and Bunting. These additions break up space and add a customising feature to your house without having to break the bank.

Emily Smith- Marketing Team-