Are you one of the 28,300 Pockit customers who load their card by PayPoint? We want to provide you with answers to our most frequently asked PayPoint questions.

What is PayPoint?
If you want to load cash onto your Pockit card there are over 28,300 PayPoints up and down the country, normally found at your local newsagent, where you can do so. Whilst you’re loading your Pockit card you might also want to check out some of the other services PayPoint offer; you can buy Skype credit or PlayStation vouchers, top up your mobile, pay for your TV licence or use Western Union to transfer and receive money from friends and family from around the world.

Where is my nearest PayPoint?
If you would like to load your Pockit card by cash but don’t know where to find a PayPoint, click here and enter your postcode for a map of your nearest PayPoint locations.


How does the 99p PayPoint charge work?
The minimum amount you can load at PayPoint is £10 and your 99p charge for loading will be taken off the balance you load.

I have an “invalid expiry date” error when trying to load!
Your Pockit card should work at all PayPoint’s, however in some cases there have been problems with PayPoint’s terminals reading Pockit cards and we are working with PayPoint to solve this. There are a couple of solutions if you do see this error at PayPoint; if you ask the cashier to manually input your card details your load should work as normal or they can swipe your Pockit card, which should also work. If there is still an error message we would encourage you to try a different PayPoint location.

How long does it take for a load to appear on my statement and when will it be available to spend?
Cash loaded by PayPoint will be available immediately; however it might take a few minutes to be visible on your account.

What are the benefits of upgrading my account?
If you are currently loading by PayPoint because you have a lower limit card, but would like to load for FREE by Debit Card you can upgrade your account. Upgrading will also allow you to do more, as your monthly load increases from £800 to £5,000 whilst your Daily ATM withdrawal increases from £50 to £250. This process is simple and it should only take us 48 hours to upgrade you, all you need to do is send us a few relevant documents so we can verify your identity and address.

If you have any more questions about loading with PayPoint you can contact us on Zendesk (link up) or comment on this post!

Emily Smith- Marketing Team-