Need a secure account to pay your wages and benefits into? Sick of carrying cash or paying unnecessary charges to convert your cheques? Pockit has the answer!

Pay your wages and benefits into your Pockit account for absolutely FREE, as often as you like; whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The benefits of having your wages & benefits paid into your Pockit account are:

• It allows you to shop for cheaper deals online the moment you get paid

• It’s a safe and easy solution to carrying cash

• It lets you pay bills online or over the phone


How to get set up…

It takes just a few simple details to get started.

For wages or salary, you will need:

• Details of your payment (employer’s name, amount, day of month/week)

• Proof of employment and a payslip

For benefits or pensions, you will need:

• Details of your payment (national insurance number, amount, day of month/week)

• Proof of benefit or pension

Join the thousands of Pockit customers who are already paid regularly into their accounts and make the most of your secure and rewarding Pockit account.

Want more from your lower limit account?

If you are a lower limit account holder, you can pay in up to £2,000 a year. 

Upgrade to our full limit account today where you can pay in up to £30,000 a year - perfect for your wages and benefits. 

Click here to upgrade!

Sophie Rodrigues-Customer Service Team-