The Pockit team works with just one thing in mind. Our customers. It is our mission to deliver a product that simplifies their lives and frees them from worry.

But how do we understand what our customers need?

Well, we visit them in their homes, and get chatting!

I was lucky enough to kick-off this project and am extremely proud to share these amazing stories with you.

I am doubly pleased that Pockit People get to be front and centre of our brand new, sparkling website.

The team and I had the incredible chance to get to know our customers - what they do; how they live; what makes them tick!

And we’ve enjoyed every minute of hearing their fascinating, and often inspiring, stories.

After meeting our first six customers, we can say with great pleasure that Pockit has helped everyone from a corporate driver to a selfless charity worker. People from all walks of life!

Pockit helps them to manage their money more effectively, and, in some cases, even change their lives. Yes, really.

Take Andrei, for instance, a fashion blogger and photographer. He arrived in the UK a year or so ago from Romania and found that he was unable to meet the outdated criteria traditional banks insist on. He was stuck and needed an account to pay his wages into.


That is where Pockit stepped in. Our friendly, uncomplicated online form gave him an instant account, and card in the post the next day. At Pockit, we welcome everybody.

“Pockit came out on top,” Andrei told us. “A year or so ago I was struggling to get things off the ground. It may sound a bit cheesy, but Pockit was a lifeline – so thank you.”

Pockit People like Andrei have motivated the Pockit team to continue providing products and services for those traditional financial services have left behind or for anyone needing a fairer and uncomplicated alternative.

Meet our Pockit People today by clicking here – and don’t miss the Pockit People stories we’ll be posting in future!

Victoria Smith-Marketing Team-

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