Back in April I was doing what I normally do and reading that day’s news. I came across an article for a charity that had just published its results for 2014, I was staggered, truly staggered, to read that over one million people had to visit a foodbank in the UK. One million people! That’s one million people that have had to find help in feeding themselves and their family because they cannot afford to buy any food. In that one million people there is a proportion that have had to return a second, third or even fourth time! Great Britain professes to be one of the richest countries in the world, yet we have people so far below the poverty line (whatever that is), they have no choice but to reach out to foodbanks in order to feed themselves and their families! Clearly, as we’ve always known and strive for here at Pockit, there are people that are in need of help, here in the UK; in every town, on every street, perhaps maybe even one of your neighbours.

I thought, “why is this happening? There must be something we can do?”

So I then approached the charity in question, and as we begin to work closer with them I’ll tell you more about who they are, and all the great things that they do. But for now, I’ll tell you what we’re talking about together and some of the findings that came out from my initial visit to them. Firstly, they are fantastic! I’ve never before seen such a committed and truly helpful bunch of people and an organisation. It is an absolutely tragedy that they even exist, but what they do is truly and sincerely magnificent.

I spent a day with this charity and learned more about how people find themselves in this dire situation. And believe me, it’s not what you think! Every single person from every single walk of life can at times find themselves here. Whilst there are a number of root causes to having to use a foodbank, there’s one area that Pockit is going to try and help with.

Of the one million people that have needed to use a foodbank around 40% have had to because of changes to their benefits, low income and debt. It may be that fees, charges from banks, payday loan providers, benefits not arriving on time, or other debts have eaten away at their money when a payment went into their account and therefore they were left without the ability to purchase food. One of the areas we are looking at with this charity is when someone has that as an issue we will issue them a Pockit card to make sure any monies they do get are kept for them.

With a Pockit card you are not credit checked, just about everyone can have the card and you can use it just like a bank account. Any monies that are transferred onto a Pockit card can be kept completely safe from companies, who without any thought for your situation, will just debit what you have in your account. Being able to put these people onto a Pockit card we hope will slowly start to help these people ‘make more of what they have’, and get them out of a truly horrible cycle of companies taking their money – either fairly or unfairly.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes…

Grenville Paull-Sales Team-

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