Everyone loves to go all out at Christmas, but no one wants to wind up overspending and making life difficult for the rest of the year. We’ve put together a few tips you might not have thought of to help you save this Christmas…

1. Save together
No doubt, you are not the only one looking to save this Christmas, so why not make saving a communal effort! Ask your friends and family if they want to start a Secret Santa, or set a limit as to how much you’re going to spend and then make sure you don’t go over it! What might seem like an awkward conversation at first could be doing someone else a massive favour by helping both of you curb your spending.

2. Go big
A similar idea is to buy a larger present for the whole family, rather than lots of smaller presents for individual members of the family. Not only does this mean you can get someone a better gift overall, but you could end up saving some money too! Games are perfect for these kinds of family friendly presents, although, we advise to avoid gifting anyone Monopoly; no one wants a family fight on their conscience at Christmas.

3. Buy in bulk
Rather than buying cards individually make sure you buy them in bulk! Charity shops are especially good for saving as not only are they often cheaper but you know that all of the proceeds of your purchase has gone to charity. Wrapping paper is one of the most irritating of expenses, it’s seen for a minute and then a child rips it up and it goes in the bin! But, if you can’t bear to be without it altogether, it’s a good idea to buy wrapping paper in bulk, and then you can at least make a bit of a saving on an otherwise unnecessary expense.

4. Start early
Another good card buying tip is to remember to send them off early and use second class stamps, the 9p difference between first and second class stamps might not feel like a lot, but when you’re sending lots of cards it can really add up! Hopeless at remembering to send cards? Set an alert on your phone or put a date in the diary to have cards sent off by!

5. Make a list
Especially when you’re food shopping! It might sound obvious but it’s so easy to impulse purchase, at Christmas more than ever! Make a comprehensive list of everything you need and don’t buy anything extra, you’ll only end up buying too much and having to throw food away.

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Emily Smith- Marketing Team-