Pockit are delighted to be named as one of the FinTech50 – an annual list of 50 European FinTech companies transforming financial services.

It is one of the most coveted lists of its kind, and is selected by an independent panel of 44 industry experts.

FinTech is the combination of innovative digital technology, like mobile apps, and financial service products, such as cards and current accounts.

The fusion allows for the creation of products which are transparent, simpler to use, when compared to traditional monetary frameworks, and available to all, regardless of income or credit status.

The FinTech50 highlighted that Pockit already “has 60,000 customers” and grew “500% on almost every metric” last year.

These figures show that our product is fast becoming the primary way for significant numbers of people to manage their money.

We are proud to be part of the FinTech revolution which grew out of the 2008 financial crisis, creating an appetite amongst many people for established and outdated banking practices to be challenged.

Pockit strives to achieve this through technological advancement which is why we have a dedicated in-house development team.

It enables us to be agile in crafting features tailored to meet the needs of our customers, meaning that your suggestions and feedback can truly influence the services you receive.

Pockit are confident that, with the support of the Pockit People who use our product, we can continue to take the complication and stress out of day-to-day banking.

And we have some very exciting new features to bring you in the coming months.

We believe that Pockit, and other FinTechs like us, can transform your relationship with money permanently, and for the better.

Nathaniel Bastin- Marketing Team-

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Team @ Pockit