After listening to what our customers need from their Pockit cards, we are really excited to announce that separate balances are coming very soon to your additional cards!

Additional cardholders can only currently share a balance with the primary user of the account, which means that all cardholders only have access to the same pool of funds. 

However, separate balance technology allows you to decide whether you would like to allocate funds to each additional cardholder on your account so that they only have access to the money they have been allocated. This makes it even easier and more efficient to manage yours and your additional cardholder’s money.

Keep a look out over the next couple of weeks for this brand new feature on your Pockit account, and let us know what you think!

It’s due to our customers getting in touch with us that we are able to make improvements like this to your Pockit card so that it works for you!

More flexibility = better money management :)

Amber Osborn-IT Team-