Only 5 months ago, the Pockit team set out on a mission to fulfil the needs of UK consumers who are not looked after properly by the high street banks with a prepaid card that has one of the lowest fees around, and added cashback benefits that help to save money on monthly outgoings. In doing so we also identified that the members of our team are key to the smooth running of Pockit and at the end of it all, are the ones making it possible to serve our customers in the way in which they deserve.

We’ve identified 7 key Pockit team principles and initiatives that we work religiously by:

1. Team work and equal contribution

We do not believe in autocratic leadership - we work as a team and everyone is there to help one another – a problem shared is a problem halved!

2. Employees who are willing to take a chance


The team that work at Pockit must be willing to take a chance and get involved across all areas of the business to help it to evolve and get even bigger and better!

3. We move quickly and efficiently, but prioritise brutally

Pockit encounter new challenges every single day which makes the workplace particularly agile, but we move forward quickly as we brutally prioritise. Being a small sized start-up company means every employee needs to collaborate and be in sync with one another so we can deliver, learning as we go.

4. Work hard play hard

Running Pockit efficiently and effectively is our biggest priority, but we also make time for fun! We hold a monthly event that gets the whole team together. Most recently we have been team bowling, and then we had our Christmas party!

On more of a daily basis we like to play a round of office boules that Andy (our finance guru) takes particularly seriously!


However when it’s time to work, we get our heads down…we just make sure that we have fun with everything we do otherwise there’s no point in doing it!

5. We believe in making mistakes

Pockit believes in making mistakes (but never with our customers money!), it’s the only way we learn and the only way we can keep on improving. If one person drops the ball, we all help to pick it up. We just have one rule… don’t make the same mistake twice!

6. Small but growing team


We manage to deliver a money management service to tens of thousands of customers (and rapidly growing) with a team no bigger than 10! This is a major achievement for us but there are lots of challenges that we still face. We are in the process of growing our team so stay tuned to find out how we’re doing and who’s joining our mission!

7.Joyful Environment

We try to create a relaxed and open atmosphere within the office, nothing is too formal…because what’s the fun in that?  We all sit together in our office, this way, everybody knows what’s going on and everybody talks to each other. This is key as it helps us to solve problems quicker.

We also recently had an office makeover; new carpets, desks and a slick of paint really helped us to feel more at home. We also had mammoth sized whiteboards mounted to really get those creative juices flowing and where we record down our regular sweepstake competitions, like this month, we have all placed our bets on when to expect ‘Baby Haniff’!


However don’t be misled; the principles and initiatives above do in no way stand alone. We still focus on Pockit’s overall goal, helping as many UK consumers not appropriately served by their banks become their own savvy money managers - our customers play the biggest role in the Pockit story and you are what make this a fantastic place to work every day.

If you like what you hear and think you would fit well into the Pockit team, feel free to send us over your CV to, we are expanding our workforce and would love to hear from you.

Have any questions? Or want to get in touch with us? Don’t be afraid! Contact us by or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and Instagram. We love hearing from you and we try our hardest to personally response to you all.

Victoria Smith-Marketing Team-

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Team @ Pockit