You might be asking yourselves where Pockit came from; so our first post on our new blog is a little bit about how and where it all began. 

Let me take you through the Pockit journey so far.

Danny, Yuvraj and myself founded Pockit with the clear vision to make money management easier for everyone, not just a select few. In an era of choice, you would think there should be some genuine alternatives out there to debit or credit cards - this is not the case. Here is where Pockit steps in - we are not a bank, and we like it that way. However we do help our customers manage and save their money, we just don’t rip them off!


There are millions of households in the UK that are under-served by their banks, or in some cases even refused bank accounts. Pockit understands that times are challenging for everyone, but we think that everyone deserves to manage their money and get access to great deals, discounts and benefits afforded to those with all singing, all dancing expensive bank accounts.

Our customers have often had trouble managing their money; but with the right product and friendly customer service, there is no reason why they cannot be efficient, savvy money managers! Here at Pockit, we believe that your money is your money, you should only spend the money you have, and you should be able to manage it how you want.

What do Pockit offer?

Pockit offers a Prepaid MasterCard® which allows our customers to load their money on to it and spend in-store and online wherever they see the MasterCard® acceptance mark. We have partnered with PayPoint to provide our customers with 28,000 locations in the UK where they can top up their cards with cash, whilst also allowing our customers to top up using their salaries, wages and benefits. That means our customers no longer have to carry around cash in their pockets, and can use their cash to shop online.


The Pockit Prepaid Card gives all our customers the ability to manage and save their money easily and securely. With the help of our extraordinary tech and design team, we have built an intuitive account management platform that can be used easily on the go, using mobile, tablet or computer.

At Pockit, we strongly believe in rewarding our customers, so we have partnered with 35 (and growing) leading UK retailers offering cashback on in-store and online purchases. Our cashback deals range from 2-10%, all you have to do is just use your Pockit card when making payment. Check out our amazing cashback retail partners…

How far we have come

We launched the new website at the beginning of August 2014, and in the last 3 months Pockit has achieved some pretty serious growth!

We have had over £2.1m loaded and spent through our Pockit card and the number of transactions is growing at a monthly rate of 300%. These are some really impressive figures, but it doesn’t end there. We have a lot of exciting new features and partnerships to come over the next few months, and we’ll be the first to update you through our exciting new blog!


Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing customers because we wouldn’t be able to do this without you! Please continue to give us your feedback so we can keep improving our product and service.

You can get in touch with us via, or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Google+ we love hearing from you and we try our hardest to personally respond to all of you.

Virraj Jatania-Executive-