More than two months on from the referendum in which Britain voted to leave the European Union, the story is one that continues to fill newspaper columns and keep the country in a state of anticipation and uncertainty.

So what does it all mean for Pockit? Will we be negatively affected by Brexit?

The short answer is ‘no’. We do not foresee Brexit having any significant negative impact on our product or service moving forward.

Our product is specifically built for UK residents, so Britain’s relationship with the EU should have no direct impact on us or the service we provide.

We are not affected by any changes that may happen to the laws and regulations governing financial institutions that operate cross-border in the EU, including the ‘passporting’ rules.

Our team is also well constructed and we are confident that we will continue to attract the best talent here, whatever Brexit’s impact on immigration policy.

Our vision is one that consistently inspires candidates and our team goes from strength to strength.

So, however Brexit plays out, we remain resolute in our ambition to create the world’s most inclusive bank – and convinced that we’re well on the way!

Nathaniel Bastin- Marketing Team-