You shop, you earn. Simple.

As soon as you start shopping with Pockit at any of our 27 cashback partners you start earning anything from 2% to a whopping 10% back!

No limits to how often you save!

You earn cashback every single time you shop with our partners. It makes no difference if that’s just once or as many times as you like. You shop, you earn. That’s that.

How do we know how much cashback you are owed?

The Pockit retailers you shop and save with notify us at the end of the month that you made your purchase. We then pay the cashback you are due into your Pockit account. Simple as that.

How long will it take for cashback to reach your account?

It can take up to 60 days for a retailer to pay us the cashback you are due. As soon as we receive it from them, we pass it to you as quickly as we can.

How can you keep track of the cashback you have earned?

Check your online statement to see how much cashback you've earned.

Where can I spend the cashback I earn?

Simple answer - wherever you like, it’s your money to enjoy how you want.